Ramjet missile project, calculation of additional aerodata for Rb73


  • Tormalm Magnus

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0373--SE

Pages: 62

Written in: Swedish


This report describes the validation of a ramjet engine integration into FFAs CFD code EDGE. An aerodynamic database has been calculated for a ramjet missile, Rb73 and compared with data from VAC. Previous CFD computations of the same missile showed differences between the inlets used on the CFD model and the VAC data. The missile inlet area was therefore changed on the CFD model and used in this investigation. The result shows that there still exist differences between the FFA calculations and the VAC reference data. The cause is other geometrical differences, mainly the rudder and the inlet compression ramp. This resulted in higher drag and less massflow for the CFD model. Another critical factor is the fixed bleed that has been used in the CFD computations which also gives less massflow. Even if the current investigation could not validate the VAC data, the ramjet method shows good potential. The differences seen can be explained with handbook methods. The only factor that still is not solved is the bleed flow. This requires separate intake computations and integration of bleed model.