Förstudie NBC-ledningssystem


  • Häggström Britta
  • Rejnus Lars
  • Fällman Åsa
  • Henningsson Kenth
  • Hessel Fredrik
  • Johansson Per-Erik
  • Liljedahl Birgitta
  • Lindmark Gert
  • Olsson Nils
  • Pihl Kerstin
  • Sandström Björn
  • Westergren Hans

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0483--SE

Pages: 207

Written in: Swedish


The purpose of this pre-study has been to formulate the objective of the NBC defence within the Swedish Armed Forces. The study will serve as a basis of an unprejudiced discussion regarding the requirements for a fully developed NBC component in the Command and Control System (C2) and, too, suggest what can be demonstrated in the year of 2005/2006. The pre-study shows that all the processes needed for NBC defence activities also must interact with capacities within the Armed Forces but also with public authorities, having a NBC responsability, if the aim of minimizing damages and maintaining maximum freedom of action should be reached. Furthermore, the study indicates the necessity of deepening the descriptions of the processes in the next stage to be able to identify the processes possible to alter and those that have to be recreated. That in order to impro´ve the ability of commanding missions in NBC environments and of giving support when it comes to NBC issues. All RoD and FoT projects that can contribute to, or have need of the NBC component in the Cs, will be linked to the continuous development work. A number of working groups will be initiated in the next stage, having the task of identifying the requirements for the NBC component in the C2. Part projects within the fields of detection,m modelling/simulation, information management, joint action as well as user participation will also be initiated with the purpose of identifying technical solutions and service needs.

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