Fault management with an operator-friendly fault identification system


  • Castor Martin
  • Magnusson Staffan

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0503--SE

Pages: 28

Written in: Swedish


In the report an experimental study of operators fault management with the help of two fault identification systems is described. The study was conducted in SAAB Avionics flight simulator T3Sim. The two systems studied were the current fault identification system in the JAS 3p Gripen aircraft and one alternative system. The study was conducted in an aviation setting, but the conclusions and design suggestions are valid for fault identification systems in all types of platforms. Fault management with help of the alternative system was 20-95% faster than fault management with the current system. In average this resulted in approx. 20 seconds shorter time for fault management, with most evident effects in complex fault situations. In the report a future adaptive fault identification system is sketched. This system would be adaptive with regard to both the psycho-physiological status of the operator and the situation, thus giving the operators a "smart system" which adapt to their needs.