Aspekter på användarvänlighet hos ett datorprogram, avsett som forskningsprototyp med tillämpning på SubTrack, en simulator för ubåtsföljning


  • Olausson John

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0512--SE

Pages: 90

Written in: Swedish


This report will discuss usability factors concerning an interactive computer-based prototype, applied to the submarine-tracking program SubTrack. The report results in a design proposition for a more user friendly SubTrack, suited for one actor, the demonstrator. A design proposition is made for SubTrack´s new interface design. Proposed changes are mainly a reorganization of the interface components. Only a few additional functions are suggested as an addition to the program. The time for the demonstrator to learn the program is limited and she often has to manage on her own, though the demonstration often takes place outside the ordinary premises. The usability needs to be improved so that the user is able to solve her tasks easily, with a minimum of actions. The report contains a description of the present SubTrack and of the environment where SubTrack has been developed. An identification of the unfulfilled requirements of the demonstrator, and a design proposal for a developed version of SubTrack is given. The use of the report is mainly as a design proposal for SubTracks user-interface, in case of a development. This report may also be used as a support when developing interfaces for similar prototypes, mainly within FOIs division Command and Control Systems.