Modifiering och mätningar/studie av termogeneratorutrustning för enskild soldat


  • Gunnarsson Gunnar

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0610--SE

Pages: 17

Written in: Swedish


Land Warrior is supposed to function dismounted, without supporting platform, for extended periodes of time, days or even weeks. The capacity of the batteries limits the soldiers possibility to communicate and to be available "in the network". With a simple, handy power source for battery charging, fueled by camp stove alcohol, gasoline, diesel fuel - or firewood, the function time of the soldier could be extended. In 1997 FOA began to study the possibilities of charging batteries for Swedish light infantryman with a "Thermoelectric generator equipment för a camp stove". Four working prototypes were built. The best result that was achieved, 15,6W at 12 or 24V. In order to evaluate the results, a study of competing/supplementing power techniques was performed. FOA/FOI has been cooperating with Hi-Z, CA, USA and Legelab and Automotive Technology AB, Uddevalla, Sweden.

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