Cyberterrorism: Does IT open new possibilities for terrorism ?


  • Grennert Josefin
  • Tham Lindell Magdalena

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0626--SE

Pages: 42

Written in: Swedish


The purpose of the report is to darify what cyber terrorism is and to determine if there is such a threat against our society or if one could develop over time. A definition of cyber terrorism is suggested. The connection between "cyber and "terrorism" suggests that the word implies a new means för terrorism and also that it is separated from other forms of computer crime that can not be classified as terrorism. It is more likely that cyber terrorism develops as a complement to, rather than replacernent of conventional attacks. It is likely that cyber terrorism could be used in connection with conventional attacks as a means to enhance violence and to delay the recovery of the society. The likelihood of terrorist attacks in Sweden is low. This, however, can change rapidly and factors that may influence this development are international military efforts participation or statements in the fight against international terrorism, and a stronger integration within the EU through which Sweden may get part of the security problerns of other countries. The possibilities to carry out cyber terrorism in Sweden are seen as small. It is of relevance to national security that the vulnerability in the critical technical infrastructures is kept to a minimum and that new vulnerabilities are not built in to the systems.