Computer Generated Forces - Methods and Means


  • Castor Martin
  • Wallin Niklas
  • Nilsson Sten-Åke
  • Moradi Farshad

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0688--SE

Pages: 77

Written in: Swedish


Modelling and Simulation, M&S, is a powerful tool that is used to support development of military concepts as well as training, studies and analysis of military operations in different environments. There are a number of important technologies that can be applied to military simulations. Computer Generated Forces, CGF, is one such technology. CGF are used as Human Behavior Representations, HBR, of individuals or groups as operators or commanders in military simulations. Defence driven M&S is demanding more realistic HBR models in simulations. To confront the growing need of such models, the Swedish Armed Forces has sponsored a study of CGF development since 2001, conducted at FOI. The main purpose of the project is to construct a framework to support CGF development and to maintain a component based library of HBR models to be used in existing and future simulations. This report describes the following activities performed during 2001 through 2002: - Evaluations of existing architectures and tools to produce HBR models. - Five prototype descriptions. - Proposals for interface design to produce "plug´n´play" compatibility with different simulations systems. - Proposals for a consistent praxis of developing CGF. - Some words of how to incorporate experimental data into HBR models. - VV&A considerations. - Future work.