Autonomitet vid autentisering i nätverksbaserade system


  • Bengtsson Alf
  • Hunstad Amund
  • Westerdahl Lars

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0695--SE

Pages: 47

Written in: Swedish


The vision of a network based defence involves a set of demands for the C2 system. One important requirement is the ability to act autonomously. In this report we present four aspects of autonomy - global dependencies, predictable autonomity, autonomity not predictable but controlled and not controlled respectively. Three classes of methods for authentication - ticket, certificate and identity based respectively - are discussed in relation to these four aspects. With authentication we mean verification of claimed identity by digital means. We don´t discuss analog methods, e. g. biometric authentication. We present a table of assessments for the three classes of authentication related to the four aspects of autonomy. The three classes meet the demands in different ways. Our conclusion is that methods based on certificates are most applicable. They can also be enhanced by other methods to support autonomy. Ticket based methods can be used when the autonomy is predictable. Identity based methods are too inflexible for general use.

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