Industristrategier för en osäker framtid - scenarioplanering för försvarsindustri i Sverige


  • Axelson Mattias
  • Carlsen Henrik
  • Eriksson E Anders
  • Lindgren Fredrik
  • Lundmark Martin

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0744--SE

Pages: 91

Written in: Swedish


The report presents an FOI project that has developed scenarios, and with the help of these generated strategic elements that support choices for future paths for defence industry in Sweden. The time perspective was year 2020, and scenario planning was used as the method in order to approach strategic issues in such a long perspective. The focus question for the project was Should the defence industry in Sweden focus on international expansion within network-based defence solutions? Four scenarios were created for 2020, guided by two main dimensions: international impact of network-based defence solutions and market structure. Based on these scenarios, robust strategies towards the year 2020 for improving the conditions of the defence industry in Sweden are presented. Different strategic elements are presented and valued for creating future freedom of action. The strategic elements that are presented in this report include among other things increased integration with commercial companies, development of new business models, intensification of international collaborations in chosen niches and a portfolio approach regarding future ventures.