Marching model for military units in the FLAMES framework


  • Caidahl Erik
  • Olsson Mats

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0846--SE

Pages: 51

Written in: Swedish


This report describes a master thesis within the "Information fusion in the command system of the new defence" project at FOI. The purpose of this work is to develop a model for the behaviour of mechanized military units while marching. A Prototype for this behaviour have been developed for use with the simulation framework FLAMES. Since no usable support for the new terraindata in FLAMES existed when this work was made only the roads are used. The scenario contains less than 100 vehicles and the prototype is capable to simulate units with up to 500 vehicles in total. These vehicles can be assembled in any combination of military units. The units can then be ordered to move all vehicles or specific subunits to new positions and the model will organize the marches itself. The movements the military units perform is based on doctrine, which are sets of rules for a unit´s behaviour. The resulting prototype will be used for testing and evaluation of the fusion algorithms which form the main part of the Infofusion project. This report describes the behaviour patterns which have been modelled and their implementation in FLAMES.