Höghastighetsförbränning: Utveckling av experimentella tekniker och experimentanläggning för förbränningsstudier , del III


  • Carlsson Torgny

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0889--SE

Pages: 38

Written in: Swedish


The aim of this project is to develop experimental techniques for investigation of propulsion techniques such as the PDE - Pulse Detonation Engine as well as for comparison with computer based modeling and simulation methods. The experimental methods studied are LIF - Laser Induced Fluorescence, shadow, schlieren and interferometrical methods (primarily holography), the latter in cooperation with LTU-Luleå Technical University. This report treats different methods for quantitative evaluation of shadow, schlieren and interferometrical measurements. Evaluation algorithms based on these methods have been implemented in Matlab and applied to experiments on a turbulent propane-air diffusion flame and on propagation of a jet originating from combustion of an air/hydrogen gas mixture in a cavity with a small exhaust nozzle. Descriptions are given of the experiments, the evaluations of the results and the comparisons with CFD-simulations.