Detection of explosives in soil and air


  • Sarholm Lena
  • Carlsson Håkan
  • Holmgren Erik
  • Brantlind Mona
  • Ericsson Magnus

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0923--SE

Pages: 30

Written in: Swedish


This report describes how explosives leaking out from land mines and UXO can be detected in soil- and air samples with chemical methods. The prevoious developed analytical method for analysis of explosives using LC-MS has been improved concerning the limit of detection and the present method also include the ability to detect a larger number of explosives. Methods for analysis of explosives in soil, air and water samples using GC have also been improved. The development of a portable GC for detection of explosives in vapour phase is in progress. New air samplers with different kind of adsorbents have been developed. Further, the air samplers can be used with a developed man carried sampling device connected to a battery operated pump. Results from studies of migration in different types of soils are reported. The obtained results in this project is used to further develop and modify the existing detection methods for explosives in land mines, UXO and IED.