Benchmarking and validation of IR signature programs: SensorVision, CameoSim and RadThermIR


  • Hermansson Patrik
  • Hjelm Annica
  • Lindell Roland
  • Nelsson Claes
  • Persson Andreas
  • Sjökvist Stefan
  • Winzell Thomas

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0952--SE

Pages: 46

Written in: English


Computer programs for prediction of optical signatures of targets in background are valuable tools for several applications such as study of new platform concepts, new coatings, assessments of new sensor technology and development of tactics. This report covers a validation activity of three commercial optical signature prediction programs available at F0I: SensorVision, CameoSim and RadThermIR. As targets two flat panels with different emissivity was used, one close to unity and the other approximately 0.5. The panel signature was measured for a complete 24-hour period and radiance data for the panels were collected as well as supporting data consisting of weather data and contact temperature data All three simulation programs were used to predict the radiance and the contact temperature of the panels. The simulation results were compared with the measurement results and they show considerable agreement. Some deviations were observed and they are analysed and discussed in the report. The largest deviations between measurements and modelling results are most likely related to weather parameters, such as windspeed, winddirection, cloudiness, etc. Generally, the low emissive panel was harder to predict than the paint panel, and MWIR was harder as compared to LWIR. The work gave valuable experience of the use of the programs.