Optiska signaturer: Slutrapport


  • Nelsson Claes
  • Forssell Göran
  • Hermansson Patrik
  • Hågård Arne
  • Nyberg Sten
  • Persson Rolf

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1008--SE

Pages: 48

Written in: Swedish


Within the Optical signatures project fundamental research concerning signature phenomena and signature analysis has been conducted during the period 2001-2003. The work has concerned target and background signatures as well as the atmospheric influence on the signature. A data bank with background signatures has been compiled from measurements. Based on it, a statistical analysis has been made and a study of the spectral content of the background. It will be a good basis for the formulation of LO requirements for platforms within the armed forces. The capacity of modelling has increased through acquisition and own development of signature codes. As an example a semi-empirical model has been developed. Furthermore, the competence has improved as an effect of validation work. Competence and simulation software is now available at FOI for the support of evaluation of existing and new platform concepts. Polarization effects of targets and backgrounds have been studied. As an example, the capability to find camouflaged objects with a polarization sensitive sensor has been analyzed. A program for texture-based signature analysis from images has been developed and is now used within the defence sector also outside FOI. Previously collected atmospheric transmission data has been used to develop a new aerosol attenuation model for the Swedish environment. The model has been implemented in a PC program that is available in a first version. This report summarizes the different activities and results in the project. For further information on the project activities an extensive reference list is included.

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