Värdering telekrig i radarmålsökare. Slutrapport


  • Gadd Staffan
  • Gustavsson Jan
  • Jonsson Nils-Uno
  • Karlsson Nils
  • Wilow Mathias

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1024--SE

Pages: 17

Written in: Swedish


This report summarizes the project "Electronic Warfare and its implication for radar seekers", research area "Electronic Warfare including Electromagnetic weapons and protection". Since 1994, this project has been an important component in the work to increase the competense in the area of Electronic Warfare and its implication for radar seekers, in the Swedish defense community. To fully understand EW, one must have knowledge not just of the specific systems, but also the combined effects of the EW systems, its platforms, the operating environment and the personel operating the systems. The following systems have been developed within the project: Arken - a mobile, coherent radar system with which dynamic, threat oriented and high range resolution measurements of objects and countermeasures can be made in operative environments. GMS - generic radar seeker. An airborne radar system to be used for research, evaluation and education of personel in the Swedish marine, in the area of EW tactics. SMU - Signal Measurement Unit. A helicopter borne measurement system for evaluation of the threat against radar stations from antiradiation missiles. Measurements have been made against i.e. corvette Visby, TP-84 Hercules, air defense radar Unde23 and against different types of radar countermeasures.

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