Utvecklingsmetoder för samhällsförsvaret


  • Morin Magnus
  • Jenvald Johan
  • Thorstensson Mirko (ed.)

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1064--SE

Pages: 242

Written in: Swedish


Development of abilities, functions, systems, and units in all of societies defence is always essential to maintain readiness to face threats. Today the world is changing. Old threats are not real anymore and we must develop our. ability to meat new ones, maybe not yet identified. We need to establish a flexible dynamic structure for our future defence, enabling continuous development for meeting a changing world. This report has two parts. In the first part, we describe how modeling, simulation and visualization can be used as supportive tools developing future defence forces. We conclude three years of research in the area and present results, conclusions, and recommendations for how development of defence forces can be executed. We describe a method and a modeling and a simulation framework supporting mission modeling, analyses and training as steps in developing mission capability for combined taskforses in future defence. In three different examples we describe how methods and techniques have been field tested in exercises and real missions. The second part the report includes publications from the research project in the years 2001-2003. In this book format we hope to distribute our research, results and findings to a wider public.