Demonstration of adaptive radio node


  • Ahlin Lars
  • Johansson Peter
  • Linder Sara
  • Pääjärvi Lars
  • Rantakokko Jouni
  • Tullberg Hugo

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1208--SE

Pages: 31

Written in: Swedish


Adaptive radio nodes are expected to give substantial improvements in future military and civilian radio systems, e.g. improved capacity, higher robustness, and stealth performance. Therefore, we plan a (computer-based) demonstration of adaptive radio nodes. The purpose of the demonstration is to show: 1) possible performance gains with adaptation, 2) feasibility with the chosen technical solutions, 3) remaining technical challenges. We have chosen to implement a coded MIMO-OFDM-system, where e.g. modulation, coding and MIMO techniques shall adapt to the prevailing channel conditions. The purpose of this document is to give a description of the ideas behind the demonstration, to act as guidance for the implementation of the demonstrator in software, and to give the reader a feeling for what the demonstration will show. The demonstration will be based upon one or several tactical scenarios where the influence from the terrain on the radio performance can be shown. The demonstrator is a first step in building a more advanced simulator that will be developed through a successive development and refinement of the used techniques and adaptive functions.