Driveability analysis, using a digital terrain model and map data


  • Edlund Susanne

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1241--SE

Pages: 88

Written in: English


Driveability analysis of terrain data offers an important technique for decision support for all kinds of movements in the terrain. The work described in this report uses a high resolution digital terrain model generated from the laser radar data and further processed by the Category Viewer program, and information from the Real Estate Map. Properties of features found in a filtering process are calculated and compared with a set of rules in a knowledge base to get a driveability cost. This cost is then visualized in a graphical user interface. An evaluation of what driveability is and what it is affected by is performed, and a general cost function is developed, which can be used even if not all relevant information is available. The methods for property and cost calculation need to be developed further, as well as the rules in the knowledge base. However, the implemented program offers a good framework for further research in the area.

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