Värdering av verkan i ballistiska robotar, inledande studie


  • Tyrberg Andreas
  • Tjernberg Anders
  • Järnebark Irina
  • Gustafsson Mats

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1285--SE

Pages: 46

Written in: Swedish


In order to assess weapon effects in ballistic missiles, new phenomena and events, that do not occur when assessing weapon effects in more regular systems, have to be studied. The main distinctions when assessing weapon effects in ballistic missiles are the high closing velocities between weapon and target and the often unique design of both target and weapon. In this report a survey of ballistic missiles, different types of warheads and anti-ballistic missile systems is given. The report gives a description of some of the phenomena that are unique for this type of targets. The following cases have been studied through literature surveys, calculations and simulations: · Penetration in the hypervelocity regime. · High closing velocities´ influence on the prospect to use ordinary fragmenting warheads. · How liquid filled containers are effected when hit by different types of projectiles.

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