Instrument for choice of methods - A means of assistance in planning of MSI-evaluation


  • Alfredson Jens
  • Oskarsson Per-Anders
  • Castor Martin
  • Svensson Jonathan

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1295--SE

Pages: 115

Written in: Swedish


When new defence systems are developed, adaptation concerning MSI (Man System Interaction) is of great importance. Therefore, a prototype of an instrument to facilitate the choice of MSI-evaluation methods has been developed. The main purpose of the instrument is to demonstrate a model of an aid for FMV (Swedish Defence Material Administration) administrators to support their contacts, such as research organizations, universities, and industry, when they are purchasing MSI-evaluations. The instrument includes 26 methods. The user of the instrument answers four questions about the evaluation. If it is performed early or late in the process of systems development? If the amount of available resources is large or small? If it is sufficient that contracted evaluators have general MSI-competence or if specific specialist competence is necessary? If users will be included in the evaluation or not? The answers to these questions guide the user through a tree shaped diagram. The diagram terminates at a leaf, where methods that may be suitable for the present evaluation are given. An adherent table gives the values of all methods for these four and further ten properties, which gives a good overview advantages and disadvantages of the different methods. For more detailed information of each method, each method is separately described in a table of 1-3 sides, where a detailed description of echo specific property is given. The instrument has been tested at a workshop. The general view was that it has the potential to become a valuable aid for administrators in their processes of purchasing MSI-evaluations.