Realistic data/speech in radio communication based on advanced calculation models


  • Appleby Niclas
  • Johansson Erika
  • Forslund Fredrik

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1308--SE

Pages: 23

Written in: Swedish


To be able to face the commitments of the modem battlefield, it is of uttermost importance to master the electromagnetic spectrum. In order to increase the knowledge of and the ability to perform and encounter electronic warfare, within the communication sphere, it is essential to have tools for training and education. The simulation software developed is such an electronic warfare (EW) tool. The developed communication module can perform radio communication simulations between several users in a computer network. Communication and jamming is performed in real time over the computer network. The impact of electronic warfare is presented to the user in a pedagogical manner. For voice communication, the results are presented by audio, i.e. the user can hear messages with the same quality as if they really had been transmitted to him. For data messages, the text is distorted in accordance to the communication quality. The architecture used for the computer network is HLA. Modules that use HLA are portable and can easily be reused and incorporated in several different simulations. The calculations that are used to calculate SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) and SJR (signal-to-jamming ratio) are performed using real height- and terrain data and are the same models used in the earlier electronic warfare planning tool Freke-Tavast. Some adaptations have been made to the calculation model to make it run in real lime, without sacrificing accuracy or wave propagation modelling complexity.