QWIP/MASP-systemet: Målspelsarkitektur för fältförsök med rörliga markmål


  • Almqvist Marcus
  • Andersson Veronika
  • Björling Robin
  • Frisk Josefin
  • Johansson Ann-Catrin
  • Nordström Lisa
  • Persson Lotta
  • Skoglar Per
  • Ulvklo Morgan

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1333--SE

Pages: 58

Written in: Swedish


The report describes the initial development of a scalable system for controlling field trials containing several moving ground targets. The system has been developed in cooperation with Linköping University. A Kalman filter, processing GPS data, is used for estimating the coordinates of ground targets, and the real time distribution of these to controllable sensor systems is achieved using GSM/GPRS. The orientation of a ground target (three angles) is estimated using more advanced filtering techniques, based on phase differences between signals received by three GPS antennas mounted on each target. The purpose of the system is to facilitate field trials containing several ground targets that should be registered by multiple controllable sensor systems. The position and orientation of a ground target also constitutes ground truth in the validation process of ATR methods (automatic target recognition). The preliminary results of filtering and data distribution are encouraging, and the system can probably handle hundreds of targets provided the delay in GPRS communication is not too high. The actual system can today handle 5 moving targets. The preliminary result of post processing of target orientation is good on simulated GPS data. However, on real GPS data, the performance is not good enough, and more effort has to be put in the preprocessing step to achieve a better initialization of the system.