Intersystem interference risks in the future Swedish defence


  • Linder Sara
  • Stenumgaard Peter
  • Sterner Ulf
  • Svenmarck Peter

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1405--SE

Pages: 66

Written in: English


Efficient wireless communication is a prerequisite for realizing the idea of a Network Based Defence. For wireless communications, the issues of robustness and security are particularly important. The influence from intersystem interference is non-negligible. Hence, it is of significant importance to be able to estimate the risks for, and consequences of, intersystem interference at an early stage in the system design process. Since the effects not only are dependent on the technical solutions, we have chosen to perform the analysis based on a number of scenarios and thus getting a broader view of the consequences. A communication network for a mechanized battalion has been simulated in a normal electromagnetical environment and compared to a situation with intersystem interference. The consequences for the command and control of the battalion have been analysed. The risks of intersystem interference at an international operation have been investigated. Moreover, some emerging wireless technologies have been analysed with respect to intersystem interference. The conclusion is that the existing methods for analysis of intersystem interference are not sufficient, since the effects on services and on human operators, for instance his/her trust, must be included. Furthermore, new methods are required to be able to evaluate the effects of intersystem interference on future flexible and dynamic communication systems built on software technology and ad hoc networks.