Inledande studie Sensorer för urban miljö. (H-bilaga FOI-RH--0372--SE)


  • Svensson Lage
  • Ahlberg Jörgen
  • Axelsson Dan
  • Habberstad Hans
  • Jonsson Nils-Uno
  • Jänis Anna
  • Kariis Hans
  • Kjellgren Jan
  • Murdin Daniel
  • Nilsson Stefan
  • Svedin Jan

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1420--SE

Pages: 44

Written in: Swedish


It is important to handle the urban environment from a broad perspective, from the everyday civilian surveillance situation to full scale war. We have worked with two scenarios; Surveillance situation and Battalion´s armed combat. From these scenarios we have selected 16 typical situations with which we have associated sensor systems. We have produced 58 system cards showing sensors and other systems which are suitable for urban environments. In recent years, significant amounts of research about the urban environment have been started. Many sensor systems are able to handle detection, but for classification and especially for identification, there are still many unanswered questions. Here much additional research is needed, both in sensors and in data processing. The analyses of the different sensor technologies show many interesting research areas. The demand for fast and reliable information sets high requirements for automatic data processing. In the end, decision makers from low rank soldiers to high commanders must be given the support required for different situations.