Laser sensors for urban warfare


  • Letalick Dietmar
  • Larsson Håkan
  • Carlsson Marie
  • Gustavsson Ann-Charlotte

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1431--SE

Pages: 30

Written in: Swedish


With an imaging 3D laser radar remote sensing of 3-dimensional objects can be done with cm accuracy. This can be utilized to "see through" windows and record objects inside a building. We demonstrate that this is possible even though the curtains are drawn (not completely compact) or with Venetian blinds down. A requirement for such a recording is that part of the transmitted laser illumination can penetrate into the room. With an airborne 3-D laser radar topographical data can be measured. Such sensors are also useful in urban environments, especially because this gives the possibility for up-to-date information. In a MOUT scenario 3-D models can be used to determine which sectors can be covered from a particular position, alternatively which sectors that can be exposed to a threat. By studying vibrations in buildings and objects with laser vibrometry (coherent laser radar) movements and activities can be detected. The technique can be used for discriminating decoys and for battle damage assessment.