FoRMA - Annual report 2004


  • Kindvall Göran

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1453--SE

Pages: 53

Written in: Swedish


The FoRMA projects are commissioned by the Swedish Armed Forces and have been carried out by FOI. The original intention was to focus on long term issues. The work was partly redirected towards issues in the nearer future. As part of this work two analytical war games have been designed, run and evaluated. One of the war games focused on evaluating a Swedish contribution to the European Unions Battle concept while the other focused on the Swedish Armed Forces national missions. the war games were successful and wil along with the scenarios be a good basis for future work. A broad-based analysis of international trends relevant to the Swedish Armed Forces has been initiated during 2004. The work will continue during 2005 and the results will be used for development of new planning scenarios for the long term development of the Armed Forces. As during previous years, different groups in the FoRMA project have been carrying out analyses in their respective areas. This includes force costing, analysis of the effects-based operations concept and much more. For the continuation of the FoRMA project it is important to find a good mix of long term activities such as knowledge building and process development and activities that are more aimed at directly supporting the Swedish Armed Forces long term planning process.