Aeroelastic functionality in Edge, initial implementation and validation


  • Smith Jonathan

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1485--SE

Pages: 66

Written in: English


The FOI-developed CFD flow-solver Edge has been extended to include functions for Aeroelastic simulation. These new features, which are available in Edge versions 3.3.1 and higher, enable the time-accurate simulation of nonlinear Fluid Structure Interaction phenomena such transonic flutter and limit cycle oscillations (LCO). The initial implementation, which uses a modal formulation, is presented together with two validation studies. The new Edge code is evaluated against experiments with prescribed, rigid-pitch motion (the LANN-wing) and a code to-code comparison of coupled aeroelastic simulations (the UNSI MDO-wing). It is shown that Edge produces results in good agreement both with experiment and with comparable numerical simulations. Through analysis of the MDO-wing simulations, we assess the accuracy of the time integration of the coupled equations of motion and the influence of the spatial coupling scheme. The functionality of the new code is evaluated and recomendations are made for its continued development.