Final report of the project Mathematical modelling of low signature materials


  • Fagerström Jan
  • Forssell Göran
  • Hermansson Patrik
  • Strifors Hans
  • Wellander Niklas

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1520--SE

Pages: 12

Written in: Swedish


This report summarizes the activities and the results of the project "Mathematical modelling of low signature materials". The project was carried out within the framework of the strategic research cores at FOI during the years 2002-2004. The scope of the project was to "demonstrate opportunities with mathematical materials modelling for research and development of low signature technology" and included the microwave region as well as the optical (infrared) region. The results of the project contribute to efficient development of low signature properties of military platforms, which in turn leads to increased security of military operations. The project has developed and implemented a number of models for computation of electromagnetic and optical properties of materials, applied these to relevant materials and verified the models using measurements. In particular modelling of effective materials properties of composites and scattering from rough surfaces has been studied. The project has worked on the problem of how to interface computational results at the materials, component and platform levels. The project has also created a network with researchers and research groups in the area of materials modelling, and published 7 reports, articles and conference papers. In summary, the project goals are fulfilled. The knowledge and competence which has been created can be used as a seed for for further research and development in the area of mathematical modelling of electromagnetic and optical materials properties.