Environmental and Industrial Health Hazards (EIHH) : threats against the personnel's health during international missions : Sweden's future international role


  • Liljedahl Birgitta
  • Sundström Sture
  • Ivgren Claes
  • Nyström Claes
  • Roffey Roger

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1590--SE

Pages: 13

Written in: Swedish


The aim of this study is the updating on international trends as well as the national and international important network within the work to minimize the health and environmental risks at international missions, especially when it comes to EIHH (Environmental and Industrial Heatlh Hazards) matters. EIHH is of current international interest and much attention has been paid to Swedish studies within this area internationally. A new EIHH policy is currently discussed and Sweden is in charge of the pre-study in cooperation with four other nations. Within the new, fast-growing international EIHH network, Sweden holds a prominent position. All in all, there is a good opportunity for Sweden to establish a new international niche within the growing EIHH area. There is already a great demand for several Swedish studies and models which obviously should be introduced to the EU, the EAPC/NATP and the UN. The civilian and military platform for health and environmental risks at international missions should be strengthened immediately, the reason being that of securing the health of deployed personnel and to minimize the environmental effects being a result of doing of Swedish missions´ personnel in other countries. This is of great importance when considering current national and international rules of international missions.