Influence of plate- and projectile parameters on the protection capability of moving plates against long rod penetrators


  • Lidén Ewa
  • Andersson Olof
  • Tjernberg Anders

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1607--SE

Pages: 39

Written in: Swedish


Dynamic add-on armours are used to disrupt threat warheads before they hit the basic armour. They will constitute an important part of future armour concepts and a frequently used hard-kill component of such a system is a moving plate. The aim of a current study is to build up a basic understanding of the way a moving plate yaws, deformes and/or fragments a long rod penetrator and to assess the influence of projectile and target parameters. Part of the work has consisted in the development of a suitable experimental method and an evaluation methodology enabling quantification of the experimental results. Apart from experiments, continuum-dynamic simulations have been carried out. In this report, the test set-up and the evaluation procedure is described. The influence of long rod penetrator aspect ratio and plate angle of obliquity and velocity is accounted for.