Prov av instrument för mätning av ytvattentemperatur samt raketsondsmätningar av temperatur och luftfuktighet


  • Nordstrand Melker
  • Karlsson Edvard
  • Gustafsson Ove

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1615--SE

Pages: 27

Written in: Swedish


In order to improve the existing "Local refractivity model" (LBM), for use in calculating radar propagation, it is necessary to test and evaluate new meteorological sensors (among other things) on ships. The work is a part of the defence research project Verifying wavepropagation models. This report describes tests performed using an infrared radiation pyrometer KT19.85 manufacutred by Heitronics,which was used to measure the water surface temperature, and a rocket sonde type RK91 manufactured by Vaisala which was used to measure the air temperature profile and the air humidity profile from 1000 meters altitude. The equipment was installed into a car ferry, and during two days in October 2001 measurements were continuously performed of the water surface temperature using an IR-pyrometer and a Pt100-element. Six rocket sondes were launched which were to measure temperature and humidity profiles. During August through November 2002, the same equipment was installed into the research vessel "Urd" and 20 rocket sondes were launched. Water surface temperature measurements using the IR-pyrometer showed that the method worked, but additional questions are yet to be solved. The preliminary test of rocket sondes, used for measuring air temperature and air humidity as a function of altitude, showed a positive result. Additional tests are scheduled and they will be evaluated in future studies.