What is the cost of tomorrow's defence? - Cost calculations in the strategic defence planning


  • Henriksson Karl-Henrik
  • Jonsson Ulf

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1640--SE

Pages: 63

Written in: Swedish


This report describes the cost calculation tool (EBV) that has been developed and used in the Swedish Armed Forces long term planning 2002-2004. EBV calculates the cost (appropriation) of complete Armed Forces structures in the 10- and 20-year perspective, EBV has been used in the work with producing Armed Forces structures within the framework of the long term planning at the prospect of the Swedish parliamentary defence resolution 2004. The purpose of this report is to be a documentation´of the tool and to be a source of experience to future cost calculations related to the Armed Forces. The report is dedicated to FOI as well as the Armed Forces. The description concerns the background of EBV, its purpose and its area of use. Furthermore, the structure of the tool and the models on which the tool is based are described. A description of the calculations made by th tool is presented in summary as are the assumptions that are made and where basic data is collected. Finally, some experiences from the work are presented and also examples of areas where the tool and the methods can be further developed.