Experimental measurement of field variables in high speed combustion using laserinduced fluorescence


  • Norrefelt Martin
  • Elfsberg Mattias
  • Carlsson Torgny

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1649--SE

Pages: 15

Written in: Swedish


An account is given of the work that has been done during the spring of 2005 within the FOI project Framdrivning/PDE (Propulsion/PDE) regarding diagnostics of high speed combustion. The purpose of the project is to develop FOI´s ability to use experimental techniques for propulsion studies, for example by using laser induced fluorescence (LIF). This technique can be used for two-dimensional imaging of temperature and concentration of combustion products. The improvements done during the last year within this field are described, as well as changes in experimental technique and equipment. Experiments have been done in the experimental combustion rig, built for this purpose, where a mixture of air and hydrogen was burnt. The results are images of thin sheets of OH in the combustion zone at different times.