The Hagfors Observatory, seismological activity


  • Nedgård Ingvar

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1651--SE

Pages: 55

Written in: Swedish


In this report a short introduction to the historical background of the nuclear arms race is given, followed by a chapter about disarmament negotiations, important treaties and a short presentation of three women that played a key role for the Swedish engagement in disarmament issues. Next chapter deals with the first nation wide seismic network in Sweden, the early period of field tests with chemical explosives and the monitoring of other nations nuclear activity by FOA. The possibility to monitor nuclear weapon tests by seismic methods was and still is of great importance. The project of a Swedish seismological array station at Hagfors and the opening by cabinet minister Alva Myrdal in May 1969 is described. Information about the instrumentation at the station is included. One chapter describes seismological bulletins and announcements made by the National Data Centre in Stockholm. The developments of the Hagfors Observatory after the opening in 1969 and the time after 1983 when the station was made automatic are described. A decision in December 2000 was the start to build the new array station in Hagfors. The new Hagfors station was certified as an auxiliary station in the IMS network December 17, 2002. Other seismic activities at FOA/FOI are also referred to.