Penetration in concrete for projectiles with L/D-9


  • Hansson Håkan

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1659--SE

Pages: 124

Written in: English


The performance of penetrating warheads has increased the last few years by introducing penetrators with a length to diameter ratio of almost 10. This type of weapon is primarily intended for use against hardened structures e.g. bunkers. Model scale tests with ogive nosed projectiles with a L/D ratio of approximately nine against concrete targets is reported here, using projectile designs developed at FOI. Three types of concretes were used for the tests, incl. two types of High Performance Concrete (HPC). Further, penetration of heavy reinforced concrete targets was also studied during the tests. The study considered both perforation of targets with measurement of exit velocities, and penetration into targets with measurement of the penetration depths. The tests were performed at two nominal impact velocities, i.e. 420 and 460 m/s, and two impact angles for the projectiles, i.e. 90° and 60°. The tests were performed to obtain data for comparison with equations for concrete penetration and numerical simulations of concrete penetration. The tests for the projectiles with normal impact angles are compared with an empirical equation for estimations of penetration depths into concrete targets.