Human factors guidelines for information presentation and system handling in military aircrafts


  • Einerth Hans
  • Borgvall Jonathan
  • Derefeldt Gunilla
  • Eriksson Lars
  • Castor Martin
  • Lif Patrik
  • Svenmarck Peter

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1701--SE

Pages: 35

Written in: Swedish


In general, military high-performance aircraft environments of today are very advanced and complex. This puts high demands on the operators if maximum effect is to be reached. If the mental workload of for example a fighter pilot gets to high there is a risk for mental overload which can lead to fatal consequences. Therefore, it is of highest importance that presentation of information and system handling methods are designed to fit and support the human operators´ strengths and weaknesses. This is the core of man-system interaction (MSI); to create environments where maximum effect is reached through a balanced ensemble of humans and technical systems. With the purpose of supporting that work this report presents some MSI-guidelines for information presentation and system handling in military high-performance aircrafts. However, several of the guidelines are applicable to other man-system platforms as well. The main goal and hope of this report is that it can function as a tool for system developers and end-users through development, testing, evaluation and operative use, especially within the military high-performance aircraft domain.