Perspektiv på tilltro i multinationella operationer


  • Strömberg Dan
  • Pettersson Göran
  • Svenmarck Peter
  • Thurén Ronny

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1712--SE

Pages: 36

Written in: Swedish


The Swedish Armed Force´s increased participation in international operations, as for example EU:s battle groups, presumes fast and effective cooperation with armed forces and civilian personal from other nations and cultures. One important requirement in this type of operations is a correctly adapted trust to cooperating multinational partners and organisations in spite of different languages, manners, attitudes and values. This report will present some perspectives on these issues: o Trust in international organisations, primarily private companies, has been studied intensively. A summary is presented concerning issues of potentially important character for military Swedish personell. o The Swedish Armed Forces has decided to adapt its operational methods and techniques to NATO concepts of operations and standards. This report presents some trust-based problems and views connected to two of NATOs most important operational concepts, Effects-Based Operations (EBO) and Knowledge-Based Development (KBD). o Swedish soldiers in international service have brought back important informations and experiences concerning aspects of trust, regarding partner cooperation, intelligence access and system availability. These issues are discussed with background from experiences in the Kosovo riots in March 2004.