MOMS multi optical mine detection system - initial report


  • Sjökvist Stefan
  • Abrahamson Staffan
  • Andersson Pierre
  • Chevalier Tomas
  • Forssell Göran
  • Grönvall Christina
  • Larsson Håkan
  • Letalick Dietmar
  • Linderhed Anna
  • Menning Dennis
  • Nyberg Sten
  • Renhorn Ingmar
  • Severin Mattias
  • Steinvall Ove
  • Uppsäll Magnus
  • Tolt Gustav

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1721--SE

Pages: 210

Written in: English


This report shows the first year of research and investigations carried out within the project "Multi Optical Mine Detection System", MOMS. Activities have mainly been focused on basic principles, phenomena, acquisition of knowledge and literature studies. The report introduces the reader with the aim of the project and the interpretations of the task. This report will serve as a common base for the evolution of the project. A survey of relevant mines and UXO has been performed, considering the functionality, geometry, size and colour. A field test with passive and active electro optical sensors was carried out in close cooperation with SWEDEC. The purpose was to collect data from surface laid mines, UXO, submunitions, and environmental background. Laboratory experiments have been made. Initial results are shown. An initial evaluation of sensor candidates and their detection phenomenology is discussed. Considered sensor phenomenologies are: 3-D shape, retro reflection, spectral characteristics, angular reflection characteristics, temporal characteristics, spatial characteristics, polarization and fluorescence. Modelling and simulation (MoS) as well as signal and image processing methods are reported for buried and surface laid objects. A survey of in house software and methods and their capacity and are reported. System approaches suitable for MOMS are discussed.