Integrated model of EO duel


  • Andersson Hanna
  • Hedberg Carl
  • Petersson Mikael
  • Tydén Lars
  • Wigren Christer

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1724--SE

Pages: 84

Written in: Swedish


Electro-Optical (EO) systems and missiles are used in many military operations. It is therefore important to have countermeasure systems and know how to use them for defense against such threats. A common method to assess countermeasure systems and their use is to use simulations. EWSim is a multispectral framework (radio, radar and EO) that uses HLA. This document describes the modules for EO simulation (IRST, optic surveillance, UV missile approach warner, laser warner, missiles, flares, smoke, DIRCM, optics and DAS control unit) that is part of EWSim and can be combined for simulations and assessments of e.g. EO EW duels and can therefore be used to support development, specification of needed requirements and understanding of cooperating EW units. Examples of scenarios that can be simulated are shown in the report. The first impression might be that these scenarios are rather simple, but a closer inspection reveals between five and twenty models of systems that cooperate or act against each other in every scenario. The modules can be com-bined and placed on many different types of platforms such as fighting vehicles, helicopters, UAVs, aircrafts and ships. Therefore it is possible to simulate and study the EW-abilites of joint forces and to pinpoint their possible vulnerabilities to various EW-systems. It is now possible, using EWSim, to setup scenarios that can assess the situation few-against-few. The simulation can be controlled by one user, or teams of users can be created where one team competes against the other.