SaSS-UV, System of System Simulations with Simulation frameworks-UW


  • Bergström Göran
  • Pelo Johan
  • Karlsson Mattias
  • Mojtahed Vahid

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1769--SE

Pages: 59

Written in: Swedish


FOI has earlier applied simulation frameworks to study battles in the air and on the ground. This report presents an investigation where the objective has been to find a simulation framework which also can handle simulations in the under water domain. To identify potential candidates a RFI, request for information, was sent to several companies and organisations. An evaluation of the received answers and the suggested products was performed based on a list of criteria, with both technical and commercial aspects. After sorting out the simulation tools which did not meet our basic demands five suppliers remained, TNO, Ternion, Qinetiq, MÄK and CAE. Their respective products were then evaluated in more detail, and the results has been put together to make it possible to recommend the most promising simulation frameworks.