Space applications for the network based defence - Final report


  • Lindström Sandra
  • Ekblad Ulf

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1770--SE

Pages: 56

Written in: Swedish


This is a final report for the project titled Space applications for the network based defence. The project has been carried out between 2003 and 2005. The report treats activities, delivered products, the most important results and the recommendations that are given to the Swedish Armed Forces concerning proposals on future space activites. The project was started with the purpose of building knowledge around space systems for Swedish military needs. The project is the Swedish Armed Forces first investment on overall questions concerning military use of space systems and space services and also how the access to space can be secured. The projects activities can be divided up into the elements "Project work", "Space technology and applications", "Space strategy" and "Space physics". More or less so, the project has delivered promised milestones without greater changes. The project has also delivered a large number of products like reports and memos in addition to the already promised milestones. We estimate that the project has treated those objectives and issues that have been set in the contracts between the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Defence Research Agency.