Adaptable camouflage materials 2004-2005


  • Kariis H
  • Björkert S
  • Ousbäck J-O
  • Strifors H
  • Jänis A
  • Ribbing C-G
  • Forssell G
  • Nilsson C
  • Hallberg T
  • Karlsson E H

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1794--SE

Pages: 43

Written in: Swedish


The project "Adaptable Camouflage Materials" is a two year project that began in 2004. The objective of this project has been to study new possibilities for dynamic signature management, using adaptable camouflage materials both for visual, infrared and radar. The research has given successful results by for example: Realizing designed spectral emittance in the infrared region. Producing a three dimensional BeO photonic crystal, verification of modeling and measurements on it. Suggesting temperature resistant radar absorbing materials Showing that the infrared transmission through a polymer component can be regulated. Investigating the possibility to use surface coatings as protection from bistatic radar systems. Participating in dialogue with representatives from the costumer. As a conclusion, some proposals for research in future projects are presented. The objective for 2007 is to be able to demonstrate a structure that has interesting signature properties in all of the three wavelength ranges (radar, IR and visible) and is adaptable in at least one of the bands.