Technical assessment of new sensor abilities for urban warfare - annual report 2005


  • Nilsson Stefan
  • Axelsson Dan
  • Gustafsson Magnus
  • Jänis Anna
  • Kjellgren Jan
  • Sume Ain
  • Örbom Anders

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1862--SE

Pages: 29

Written in: Swedish


This annual report summarizes the activities of the second year of the three-year strategic research project "Technical assessment of new sensor abilities for urban warfare", describing the most interesting results. In the year, a survey with analysis was made of wall penetrating radar systems in the world. Only one operative system was found to exist (RadarVision/SoldierVision), but there is an ongoing development of primarily UWB systems, mainly in the US and England. An important finding is that FOI´s research in this field holds its own in an international comparison. High resolution imaging radar measurements have been performed of a person standing behind various types of walls. The angular resolution in the near-field was improved by refocusing the antennas, which in combination with the large bandwidth 12 GHz gave very high resolution radar images of the person, through both plasterboard and chipboard walls. A 3-D visualization of the person even exposed the handgun tucked into one hip-pocket. An investigation was made of the transmission properties of other materials. The transmission of leather with various degrees of humidity was determined. The measurements showed that even low degrees of humidity gave very high attenuation. The FOI Doppler radar - the Miniradar - has been further developed. The design has been made more robust and all electronic equipment has been integrated on a printed circuit board. The system has attracted considerable attention when being presented, and a productification is close at hand. Experiments have been carried out to localize hidden sound sources in urban surroundings using acoustic sensors in networks. The trials show that an accuracy within 10 m is possible in position determination.