Battle damage assessment TP79.001 "DC-3"


  • Ottosson John

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1998--SE

Pages: 53

Written in: Swedish


A battle damage assessment has been carried out on Swedish Air force SIGINT aircraft TP79.001 "DC-3". This aircraft was shot down by a Soviet MIG-15 over the Baltic Sea on June 13, 1952, and the wreck was salvaged during 2004-2006. The wreck shows numerous signs of weapons effects, including several impacts from 23 mm HE-T rounds and probably at least two 23 mm API rounds. No definite signs of 37 mm impacts have been observed but cannot be ruled out in severely damaged areas with no tell-tale impact/blast signature. Most of the impacts are consistent with a single attack, strafing the aircraft from the rear starboard side of the fuselage on to the left inner wing (or the other direction), but a single HE impact in the right landing gear bay indicates an additional direction of attack from below. This could however also be accomplished in a single attack if the target aircraft was banking heavily under fire, but would most likely require multiple bursts due to the lack of impacts in between the two damaged areas.