Advance Planning - Experiences from CONOPS Development


  • Gullbrandsson Sara
  • Lindström Jörgen

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--2042--SE

Pages: 19

Written in: Swedish


The purpose of defence planning is for the armed forces to be well prepared in case a severe crisis emerges, in Sweden or abroad. Since late 2004, development of the Swedish Defence Plan (FP 2005) has continued through several stages. In an earlier report, it was described how the main body of the Defence Plan, including a number of scenarios, were developed. This report focus on the continued work, developing these scenarios into concept of operations (CONOPS). A special emphasis is placed on the experiences made of the employed method, NATO Guidelines for Operational Planning (GOP). Further, an adjustment of GOP for use in future work with the Defence Plan is proposed,based on these experiences.