UAV ESM Förstudie - Slutrapport


  • Falk Johan
  • Edefur Henrik
  • Erickson Roland
  • Henriksson Daniel
  • Torlund Per-Åke

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--2054--SE

Pages: 69

Written in: Swedish


In a project initiated by the Swedish Armed Forces the Swedish Defence Research Agency have studied aspects concerning UAV-based ESM. The study has been presented in a seminar and in this final report. This report contains an introduction with definitions and abbreviations used in the report. The demands indicated from the Swedish Armed Forces are presented in Chapter 4. The major part of the report focuses on technical and tactical aspects on UAV-based ESM. In Chapter 5 the elementary functions of an ESM-system are described. Chapter 6 contains the big and important technical challenges when realising a UAV-based ESM system. In Chapter 7 some examples of ESM-systems for UAVs are presented. These examples are used in Chapter 8 where the tactical possibilities are commented. Chapter 9 focuses on different UAV platforms. The gain of using UAV-based ESM compared to land based ESM is presented in Chapter 10. As a conclusion, the report gives some suggestions of future work in this area.