New markets for heat reflecting materials - a case study for the Swedish Defence Research Agency


  • Forsberg Magnus
  • Kinnander Mikael

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--2096--SE

Pages: 121

Written in: Swedish


This final report was written at the Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI, in Linköping during the summer and fall of year 2006. The study researches the interest and possibilities that exist on civil markets for new research results. The reason behind the study is that cut downs in defence spending has decreased the income that FOI gets from research projects for the Swedish defence. To balance this loss FOI strives to increase their incomes from other sources, primarily civil markets. A research project was chosen to determine if it is possible to use the result from the project in products on a civil market. The project concerns research of low emissive material and this study is a step in the attempts to develop the results from the research further with the aim to get sources of income on new markets. The aim of the study was to describe and analyse the interest and the possibilities that exist on a civil market for this technology. On that basis the next step is recommended and the study has found that the most interesting area of usage at the moment is in paint manufacturing. The study also recommends that FOI makes contact with the company CCS that amongst other things produces sun block products. For manufacturers of clothes the study recommends that the German company TFL ought to be contacted, since they manufacture a product with similar qualities that might be improved. Contact with the Swedish clothes manufacturer FOV should also be made. The study points out that the usage of this technology on glass windows is highly interesting but is an area with severe competition, especially since the competition comes from solutions using the same technology. If certain technical demands might be met the application will be judged as highly interesting.