Behind armour debris Experimental methods - a literature review


  • Eriksson Irina

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--2105--SE

Pages: 21

Written in: Swedish


To evaluate military platforms regarding lethality/survivability a knowledge base of the important effects is needed. Secondary effects can yield great damage inside a platform and the effect that is least examined is the behind armour debris effect caused by projectiles at ordinary velocities. This is reason for initiation of an experimental program with ability to register as many parameters as possible. A survey of earlier studies has been performed. In the velocity range of interest very few studies have been found but experiences from studies in a higher velocity range have been regarded. A number of direct and indirect methods are mentioned, for example x-ray flash photography, holographic photography, witness plates and soft catchers. A few weapon systems are also mentioned as well as common variables, such as material properties and projectile shape. General conclusions from former studies are that the fragmentation increases with the velocity and the hardness of the material. However, the experiments are few in the velocity range of interest which motivates an experimental investigation.