Traffic estimation in mobile ad hoc networks


  • Tomas Holmberg

Publish date: 2007-04-02

Report number: FOI-R--2242--SE

Pages: 52

Written in: Swedish


  • traffic estimation
  • ad hoc networks
  • multi hop


To avoid vulnerability in military communication systems net structures without pre-existing infrastructure is prefered. Ad hoc networks are a collection of wireless nodes that dynamically form a temporary network without a central administration. Information is transmitted from the source to the destination either directly or via relaying through intermediate nodes. A considerable problem while using ad hoc networks, in particular mobile ones, is how to distribute shared capacity among the nodes. This report investigates the possibility to distribute the shared capacity based on traffic estimation. The introduced traffic estimator uses two steps in order to predict the traffic over the links in ad hoc networks. At first, an estimate is generated based on the size and the intensity of arrival of the transmissions. The estimation error is further reduced by using information of queuing times in the links. Simulation results show that adding traffic estimation in TDMA based mobile ad hoc networks yields a significantly higher ratio of successfully transmitted speech sessions compared to capacity distribution without traffic estimation.