LKS demonstrator as a platform for measuring effects of C2 Warfare on C2 ability - User test LKS. demonstrator version 2


  • Magdalena Hammervik
  • Jenny Lindoff
  • Martin Castor
  • Peter Berggren
  • Birgitta Kylesten

Publish date: 2007-05-14

Report number: FOI-R--2254--SE

Pages: 48

Written in: Swedish


  • command and control warfare
  • electronicwarfare
  • computer network operations
  • informationoperations
  • human factors
  • man system interaction
  • evaluation


FOI develops a demonstrator of the Command & Control Warfare Simulator (LedningsKrigsSimulator, LKS) on a FMV awarded cotract. The purpose is to visualise effects of command and control warfare (C2W) on command and control ability. Three user tests/experiments have been performed using the demonstrator, two on version 1and one on version 2 of the demonstrator. The current report describes the first user test on version 2 of the demonstrator. The experiment method used was similar to previous experiments. The report focuses on results that measure effects of C2W on C2 ability. Four participants were divided into two teams, playing opposite forces in an international scenario. One of the teams represented an international deployment force and the other team a local irregular force. The two teams had a number of electronic warfare and computer network operations actions at their disposal in solving their respective tactical tasks. Data collection was performed using behavioural science methods with the purpose of testing if and how C2 ability can be measured as well as extracting functionality needs for future versions of the demonstrator. The experiment gave useful input, especially on scenario development, experiment execution and measurement of command and control ability.